Welcome to our Creative Trends Initiative

We believe that our Visual Trends Report 2022 speaks to a larger conversation, and we are now inviting our creative community to continue the dialogue with the Creative Trends Initiative.

We are committed to continuing our efforts to give back to our community. Each brief, that will be launched this year, will be supported by a financial reward for the selected creatives, and those not selected will have the opportunity to potentially have their work available to license on the EyeEm marketplace. 

We will be launching creative briefs with each one of our key trends as the focus in order to generate more relevant content and elevate our best creatives.

Our Current Briefs

We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with National World to launch our next Creative Trends brief! This new challenge focuses on your love of the sport and focus on fandom's effect onto your life. 

We are looking to create some photography & videos highlighting the key moments for you as a fan of football. The season is in full swing and we are gearing up for the world cup - we want to see how you’re experiencing it!

Find out more about the creative challenge below and participate today!

Photo BriefVideo Brief

Spooky Ooky Brief!

We know it is the time of year where the witchy and the spooky become a whole vibe.

We want to celebrate spooky ooky season with a brief focus on amassing more dark illustrations on the marketplace. From decorative gourd season, Day of the Dead or just season of the Witch & Skeleton, don’t be afraid to embrace the dark stuff.

Think Tarot card illustrations, divinations and potions, we want the whole gamut to be represented!

Find Out More

More to Come!

This brief isn’t a one off. Throughout the year, we will be releasing briefs focused on all the visual trends we’ve identified this year highlighting a variety of creative asks from photography, illustration, 3D, video, etc.

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