Alamy x EyeEm by Talenthouse Winner Announcements

We are so excited to announce that the winners of the mission conducted earlier this year have finally be made live on the Alamy website.

After receiving over 2,600 submissions from a wide range of digital artists, four winners have been chosen to have their cover art represent each of the four creative collections on Alamy: Ultimate, Vital, Uncut and Foundation.

The new collections are designed to help creatives to take their work further in line with the recent Alamy campaign premise of, how far will you go? The original cover art for them was created by Alamy but this competition gave creatives a chance to reimagine them in their own way.

Work by Cecilia Triana for Uncut Collection

Work by Zeren Badar for Foundation Collection

Work by Teresa Orazio for Vital Collection

Work by Larisa Marariu for Ultimate Collection

We couldn't be more proud to see our Creatives showcase their work in such a fantastic way.