Double Double boiling Creativity?

We are not absolutely certain on the accuracy of the incantation, but we sure know that our community can make some fantastic spooky illustrations like magic! This brief will last only two weeks with a focus on highlighting the darkness of the season, ending perfectly on Day of the Dead. 

We embrace the spooky season here at Talenthouse. We wear our witch hats in the office, and we proudly display our Jack-O-Lanterns on our desks. 


The Whole Vibe

We know it is the time of year where the witchy and the spooky become a whole vibe. We want to celebrate spooky ooky season with a brief focus on amassing more dark illustrations on the marketplace.

From decorative gourd season, Day of the Dead or just season of the Witch & Skeleton, don’t be afraid to embrace the dark stuff. Think Tarot card illustrations, divinations and potions, we want the whole gamut to be represented!


With illustrations finally available to our Enterprise users, we want to fill their inbox and subscriptions with content that elevates this season. So put on your witch hat and let’s get spooky!

The top 5 illustrations will be displayed on our website and we will create a feature on each artist on our editorial section. 



  • DO explore visuals that feel new and innovative.
  • DO explore abstraction versus traditional forms of structure/infrastructure.
  • DO upload only new content, not previously used anywhere else.


  • DON’T include anything that could be interpreted as violent, sexually explicit, racist, pornographic, sexist, political, discriminating, religious, or offensive.
  • DON’T show individuals consuming alcohol or illicit drugs (as dictated by your local government and legislation).
  • DON’T submit work or ideas not created by you.
  • DON’T submit any previously made or finished works—completed works are not eligible for funding.
  • DON’T feature any nudity.