The football season is in full swing and we are gearing up for the world cup - we want to see how you’re experiencing it! For this brief, EyeEm has partnered with news brand National World to produce football focused editorial photography for use throughout their global publications.

This is about capturing content that goes beyond the matches. The moments that represent the culture, the rituals, the humanity and the real experiences for viewers and fans of the sport.
This brief will run for 6 weeks, and the winners will be selected in collaboration with National World.


The Creative Ask

We want you to capture the celebrations, commiserations, rituals and match preparations of football fans across the world. Authentic, defining moments which express the passion, exhilaration and camaraderie of football fandom in your local area.

We are looking for shareable photographs which are humorous, emotive, heart-tugging and impactful. We are not looking to capture the matches, but rather we want to focus the photos on you, your community and the behind the scene moments of being a fan.

As this is an editorial brief there is an additional opportunity to be featured firsthand in an article on

Please make sure to tell us about the story behind the photo when you upload your submission. It’s an added bonus if you are able to stay in touch with the people you shoot as National World might want to interview them at a later date.

Examples of what we’d like to see:

  • Women in sport. For instance, if you’re in the UK we’d love to see how you’ve been inspired by the Lionesses win in the 2022 Euros. How did the tournament impact you? Have you started going to women’s football matches?
  • We want to see the extent of your passion and its impact - has your passion led you to start participating in your own local team? Maybe not, but perhaps your parents have decided to start coaching a girls football team or you’re a teacher who is encouraging girls to give the sport a go!
  • Do you wear the same outfit whenever you watch your team play? Or maybe you always sit in the same seat. Show us your enduring matchday rituals!
  • You could take a snapshot of crowds viewing a game in your neighborhood bar or pub, friends watching a match from home or a view from a barber shop chair. 
  • Maybe you’re lucky enough to watch a game in a stadium - we’d love to see that journey through photography. 
  • Or perhaps you’ve been playing football in a local team, triggered by your unending passion for a team, or even in your backyard.
  • We want to see the impact of your fandom on your life. 

Creative Brief Overview

It is about gathering imagery that explores your experience around watching football. Clubs, communities, habits and communications that stem from your love of Football and in the hopes of shouting your support to your favorite team.

From the niche to the grand! It is about your rituals and rites and how you and your local community experience it. We want to see emotive photography, from localized perspectives, which mark the highs, and the lows, of the season so far.


National World will select 20 photographs at the end of the submission period to use across their website and digital channels.

Each photographer will be awarded £500 for their imagery, assigning National World a royalty-free editorial license.

Up to 10 submissions will be selected within the early entry window.

This brief will run for 6 weeks, and the winners will be selected in collaboration with National World.


  • DO capture your key moments of the football season so far! 
  • DO make it feel real, authentic and intimate. 
  • DO showcase the fun, the lighthearted, and emotional aspect of being a football fan.
  • Do feel free to showcase your team jersey’s or merch!


  • DONT submit work or ideas not created by you.
  • DONT submit any previously uploaded work. We are looking for new content.

Inspiration Boards

Key Timings

February 17th

February 31st
Final Submission Deadline

2 Weeks
Selection Period

April 15th
Final Selected Photographer

How will we choose

The judging criteria are based on the following key characteristics.

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