Localized Perspectives

The purpose of this brief is to bring our global community of creatives together. Think of it as us wanting to get to know your world through your high-quality photographic art. When imagery is created by those telling the stories, the results are more than powerful.

Show us what life is like for you. What are your experiences like today compared to how they may have been ten years ago, or how they will be in ten years time?

Capture the today and capture the now.

Don't miss the opportunity to share your photography with us before April 7th.

About Localized Perspectives
Details to Consider
Creative Briefs Terms and Conditions

Inspiration Boards

Key Timings

Below you can find all the key dates for this 6-week brief.

February 17th

February 31st
Final Submission Deadline

2 Weeks
Selection Period

April 15th
Final Selected Photographer

How will we choose

The judging criteria are based on the following key characteristics.

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