Localized Perspectives

Our Selected Photographs

“In the land of colours, time passes in a blur as the gentry stands by taking each day as a mark of living to fight for the next. It's not about how many times you miss the train of life it's about how many times you return to take one more chance at getting onboard.”


"This photo was taken during the celebration of the Heritage Festival in Abu Dhabi UAE. The local Emirati people were performing their traditional dance called Al Ayyala. This symbolizes the life, dignity, and honor of Emirati Culture in UAE."


“The work of Photographer Jimmy Nelson really inspires me like the nature and culture of Papua. Then I thought about making portraits of humans and their culture in the surrounding environment. The contrast of the knick-knacks on one of the traditional Papuan clothes is very beautiful framed by soft white smoke. The body is painted in the form of intricate carvings as if emerging from the mists of the mysterious Papuan wilderness.”


“The beauties of Copacabana. The everyday away from the beach. Those little fragments that contrast with reality and really shape people.”


“Ronald Kasambula is an underground Tanzanian Hip hop artist living in the streets of Msasani Dar es Salaam. Born and raised in these streets, giving up has never been an option for him as the Hip hop Genre in Tanzania isn't commercial enough to sustain a good living compared to other Tanzanian genres such as Bongo flavor. This was a shoot for his upcoming single. So for him patience, creativity, consistency and timing are key.”


“This photograph was taken during one of my walks in the metropolitan area of Bucharest, Romania. It's in a village called Jilava (it also hosts one of the biggest penitentiary-prison here). The old industrial and railway area of it is now mostly abandoned. Constructions and bridges over the railway weren't restored and the contrast with the new small flats across the street is blatant. Look at your left, 1950. Look at your right, 2022.”


“I took this photo when we visited Al-Ula with my friends, they called this place Hegra the Archaeological Site of Madaim Salih. at Medina Region of Saudi Arabia, the largest conserved site of the civilization of the Nabataeans. This is the interior view of one of the Tomb in Hegra.”


“Ukraine is a beautiful, free country, and not people - wonderful, kind, brave! we all love our Ukraine very much and pray for victory and a peaceful sky over our heads every minute!”


“This shot was taken on one of the so many beautiful lakes in the amazing Danube Delta, where we spend at least 3-4 weeks every summer. During this summer brakes I always take my DSLR with me in the boat, when I'm heading in the foggy morning to the lakes for fishing.”


“The photo meant a lot to me personally, because it was one of the most beautiful moments with my first child, who was only 8 months old.”


“Walking alone to paradise city location :incheon south korea”


“Mojokerto, Indonesia. The beautiful terraced rice fields with views of the mountains in the surrounding area, the activities of farmers who are cultivating rice fields and planting rice, are an attraction to be captured in the form of a photo. Where this place is now a tourist destination for photography lovers and people who enjoy natural beauty.”


“I have took the photo during a walk with my kids, in the famous historic place, the Lion of Waterloo. This place is famous in Belgium because that is the place where Napoleon lost the war against the English commanded by Wellington . I deeply love the idea, that after the dark, the sun can shine.”


“Before Covid hit us we- a group of models and photographers often used to go out on monthly missions. Unfortunately Covid put a stop to that practice. The photo I have submitted was taken literally at one of the first meetups we had after a long break. We tried to keep in mind the covid rules while shooting, keeping our distances apart.”


“I took this photo when I was a student at Trakya University Fine Arts Faculty, in Edirne. I had never shared any of my photos before and this was one of my first photos. I'm really glad you select it.”


“This image was shot in the beautiful Inner Mongolia desert. It was my first time visiting this desert and the man walking his camels in a single file, almost blending into the desert itself and the contrasting perfectly blue sky and clouds really caught my eye and so I snapped a few images on my camera.”


“This photo was taken in Siwang Paradise in Ambon, when i and my friend got a Pre-wedding Photoshoot Job.”



Human stories are culturally-specific and multifaceted, with the power to forge real connections when told from unique points of view. Truly inclusive representation sensitively portrays – and actively involves – local communities with individual perspectives, and that’s exactly what you can get when the photography stems directly from the communities.

We hand over the baton to you in order to enrich our purview of the world. It is about growing and offering brands a real and authentic representation of your environment.

As artists, you are capable of shaping our view of the world, by providing photography that reflects true moments captured in your local perspective.

We are asking you to provide photos that showcase unique perspectives, clear points of views and show us real moments.

Details to Consider

We are looking for clear points of views, authentic representation of your regional cultural topography. Look outward and inward. We want works that showcase all details and elements

  • Authenticity
  • Customs
  • Regionality
  • Rituals
  • Landscapes
  • Internal Spaces
  • Intimacy (not of sexual nature)

Target market, who would you like this work to appeal to everyone, by thinking global but acting local.

  • It is about offering a point of view for brands who are looking to represent their audiences correctly. We are looking for commercial and non-commercial work.

We have put together for you inspiration boards that showcase the style, quality and point of views that speak to the trend.


Through this creative brief, we are asking our global community of photographers to submit and share with us their unique perspective of their home region, their inner life, or their unique vantage point, for a chance to be one of twenty selected creatives who receive $500, and be featured in our marketplace to earn more royalties through licensed downloads. Up to 20 pieces of work will be chosen by our internal team.


  • DO explore a topic that interests you.
  • DO include a title and short description (~150-250 words in English in the description box) with your submission.
  • DO title the file of your submission as “LastName_FirstName_Title”, filling in the respective areas with your last and first name and the title of your proposal before uploading to the Talenthouse platform.


  • Do Not include anything that could be interpreted as violent, sexually explicit, racist, pornographic, sexist, political, discriminating, religious, or offensive.
  • Do Not show individuals consuming alcohol or illicit drugs (as dictated by your local government and legislation).
  • Do Not submit work or ideas not created by you. Any pre-existing copyright materials, others’ intellectual property, and/or stock imagery used in your submission should only be used to supplement your ideas and concepts.
  • Do Not submit any previously made or finished works—completed works are not eligible for funding.
  • Do not feature any nudity.

Key Timings

Below you can find all the key dates for this 6-week brief.

February 17th

February 31st
Final Submission Deadline

2 Weeks
Selection Period

April 15th
Final Selected Photographer

How will we choose

The judging criteria are based on the following key characteristics.