10 Digital Illustrators making beautiful virtual art on Ello

The future is virtual, and there's no better time to get involved in creating (and selling!) art for our new, Web3 worlds. In our current Creative Brief, we're asking you to help us visualize a digital world, a future otherworldly experience through illustrations.

This is a first for the EyeEm marketplace, and we are more than excited to have you aboard this fantastic journey into the new digital era. To get inspired, here's a selection of brilliant artists from our sister platform, Ello, who are creating beautiful pieces of virtual work.

1. Blake Kathryn

A 3D artist whose work is characterised by vibrant palettes and a surreal futurist aesthetic. Her portfolio includes depiction of dreamy landscapes and ethereal spaces, and we adore this loving tribute to Billy Porter’s 2019 Met Gala look.


“Hold tight while your atoms are being rearranged”. As invitations go, the opening to LVCIDIA: A Collective Dream is an apt introduction to the mind-bending digital creations of FVCKRENDER, which include 4169 virtual precious stones. No wonder he’s worked with clients including Lil Nas X, Lebron James, Dior, HypeBeast and more.

3. Renderfruit

4. Enrique Larios

Bold, colourful and layered, Larios’s futuristic 3D creations are influenced by indigenous Mexican art, as seen in Los Olvidados. His collaboration with GAP is inspired by the intersections between LGBTQIA+ and Latinx and Hispanic cultures.

5. Azarikh

First of all, look at this. Just look at it. Its creator, Azarikh, is a motion graphics artist based in Malaysia. His animations explore sci-fi, surreal landscape, and futurism to breath-taking effect. We love this VR halo, too.

6. Esther Noben

As an artist and art director for Toykyo studio, Noben creates mesmeric animations and captivatingly woozy graphics. Navigating between monochrome black and white and lush, colourful gradients, her experimental use of perspectives almost turn her works into optical illusions.

7. Súa Agapé

Súa Agapé is an illustrator and GIF designer from Guatemala who has worked with major brands including Pepsi, McDonalds, Adidas. Her mystical, magical artwork features goddesses, ghosts, mermaids, the cosmos, and dogs. Check out our interview with her here.

8. Davy Evans

Multidisciplinary artist Davy Jones fuses analogue technology with digital techniques to create striking abstract imagery. The stunning project FIREFLIES explores the ethereal majesty of nature, through the hidden life of plants. He worked with Karen O and Danger Mouse to create a distinctive visual identity for their collaboration LUX PRIMA, and created artwork and motion graphics for CoExist by The Xx.

9. Trippyogi

Eccentric, psychedelic, and utterly unique, Jeremy McKeehen (aka Trippyogi) creates hallucinatory visuals using animation and stills. His multi-media portfolio includes 3D projection mapping, 3D printing, motion graphics, interactive installations and VR / AR. His latest NFT Kiss From The Soul looping animated video that explores love in infinity.

10. Alex Garant

The defining feature of Alex Garant’s showstopping optical art is the eyes. Layer upon layer of exquisitely rendered eyes, gazing solemnly from the sombre faces of men, women, and Crocs-clad kids. Her latest NFT, titled Remastered, is a kaleidoscope of eyes and lips that you just can’t look away from.