Alamy Image Collection - Vital Collection

When asked to define hero images for a visual cover art for each of their Alamy's collection, we thought it best to give you a little run down on each category. Our aim is to guide you to illustrate key imagery to act as Collection Cover Art that feel representative, allowing you to dig deeper into each of the four categories. This is about giving you ideas, and generate a spark of creativity to work out your illustrative cover art.

The Vital Collection -  Well produced and released stock classics.

The Vital Collection is the one that feels the trendiest, as well as being the most human. It is made up of stock imagery that feel commercial, without the gimmick. High class and elevated photography that touch into luxury.

It is about creating a trendy and creative collection where little moments feel authentic. If it was a person, it would be the friend who always knows the latest trend before you do. Imagine a studio shoot, but turn it on its head, making it feel human, elements that feel real and ensure that quality and narrative is being told.

Mainly studio-based and model released - so they are produced with intention, offer higher quality with a greater focus on lifestyle. It is all about that human touch, these imperfect elements that make a shot perfect. Without being overly candid, it is about showcasing a touch of the authentic in a controlled environment.

These images are all about high production values, popping saturation and eye-catching exposure on colourful, juicy images that elevate the ordinary.