Alamy Image Collection - Uncut Collection

When asked to define hero images for a visual cover art for each of their Alamy's collection, we thought it best to give you a little run down on each category. Our aim is to guide you to illustrate key imagery to act as Collection Cover Art that feel representative, allowing you to dig deeper into each of the four categories. This is about giving you ideas, and generate a spark of creativity to work out your illustrative cover art.

The Uncut Collection - Quirky, raw and unpolished. Unearthed gems, encyclopedic choice.

Uncut is that candid shot that make you pause and really think. It is a caught in the moment imagery that surprises. They are snapshots of moments - those moments where you are moved by the imperfection, where the tiny accident turns into something unique, a memorable shot that stands out above the rest.

Within that collection, you'll find the quirky, under the radar imagery with a sense of humor. Images that make you think, that make you chuckle and bring a sense of levity to the stock imagery world. Mix in those elements that just surprise you - see creativity in ordinary things.

Though most people would consider some of these images accidents or throwaways, but it doesn't have to be the case. They are worth honoring and respecting. This collection offers the misunderstood a place to unite.

They are ones that might have been overlooked for some time, bringing forward some older imagery that fit within the current context.