Alamy Image Collection - Ultimate Collection

When asked to define hero images for a visual cover art for each of their Alamy's collection, we thought it best to give you a little run down on each category. Our aim is to guide you to illustrate key imagery to act as Collection Cover Art that feel representative, allowing you to dig deeper into each of the four categories. This is about giving you ideas, and generate a spark of creativity to work out your illustrative cover art.

The Ultimate Collection

This collection is the boundary pushing collection made by and for creatives. The visual selection is much more focused on having cutting edge imagery. It is about amassing a bank of imagery that tell a story, that offer moods and tones that feel real.

Nobody eating salads and giggling here. Ultimate is darker, edgier, and more realistic than the standard stock shots the world is used to. Embracing the artistic flair in every day settings.

Images are showcasing bolder colors, darker hues all set in a framing that make you rethink your understanding of the image. Expect the moody and grand and visualize it boldly and without fear - with extra movement.

Brighten those colors, think artistically, bring in the patterns and make the composition completely unexpected.

Each image of this collection is handpicked from over 300m of Alamy's collection. The process wasn’t quick, but was very rewarding and will continue to be curated and developed in line with the creative landscape. Similarly to EyeEm's premium content, it is about pushing boundaries, elevating the form, and wanting tell a story and explore new ways of understanding stock content.