Alamy Image Collection - Foundation Collection

When asked to define hero images for a visual cover art for each of their Alamy's collection, we thought it best to give you a little run down on each category. Our aim is to guide you to illustrate key imagery to act as Collection Cover Art that feel representative, allowing you to dig deeper into each of the four categories. This is about giving you ideas, and generate a spark of creativity to work out your illustrative cover art.  

The Foundation Collection - Safe and functional. Simple images shot in studio with clear concepts.

Let us get back to basics. This collection is for prolific perfectionist who keeps things easy to understand whilst being collaborative. They are images that don't stray from perfection, they offer a great capacity for editing and integration. They work and are clear in what they communicate.

Aesthetically it is more leaning towards the punchy and vibrant. Imagery that feel posed, and set up in a way that feel graphic.

They are simple shots that are inclusive, conceptual and considered. Keep the collages clean, illustrative and bold, without straying away too far from the conventional.