Alamy and Talenthouse have teamed up for an exciting collaboration that will focus on fun and unique illustrations.

We would like to invite you to experience their creative playground: a place to be inspired by creativity and distinctive content.

Alamy has launched four original content collections that heighten the creative opportunity on the website and really offer an experience that radiates personality. Search results will now display content from each of their four new creative collections: Ultimate, Vital, Uncut, and Foundation.

The results mean a faster, more relevant search, allowing their users to gain more dynamic snapshots of content, with less time searching. Your cover art will be the first step towards better creativity.


The Creative Ask

With the relaunch of Alamy’s new photographic categories, they are looking to add more fun, dynamism and creativity right from the start with stock imagery. This is where your creativity comes in. We are looking to capture the perfect four key visuals that encompass their vision - we are looking for Collection Cover Art.

We are asking you to upload key visuals - Illustrations - for each of the four categories.
They should emit creativity, depth and weave in the personality of each core category.

Feel free to layer your illustrations with various original photographic content, a multilayered, mixed media approach, as a means of adding depth and building out a greater world.
The new collections, and ways of using them, are specifically designed to help all Creatives to take their work further.

Ultimate - The top, hand-selected imagery that tells a story. It is about bringing a cinematic vision to stock imagery, with edge and artistic flair.

Vital - High-end creative collection built on authenticity and created with emerging trends. What you would consider The Classics - high quality classics.

Uncut - Raw, Random and Subversive. Images you won’t see elsewhere. Embracing the philosophy of “Beauty in the imperfection.”

Foundation - Elementary stock imagery perfect for composites, clean and simple being the motto. Often viewed to be more sparse than the other categories.


We will be picking four key assets that will represent each of the categories, and that will live on the website. We will be awarding 500£ to each selected Creative. Maximum of 10 will be selected.

Throughout the 12 weeks, we will be hand selecting a few highlights and featuring highlights, and offering more exposure and guidance for the participating Creatives.


  • DO explore a topic that interests you.
  • DO include a title and short description (~150-250 words in English in the description box) with your submission.
  • DO ensure that we it captures the essence of the collection you are submitting for
  • DO place the name of the category in the image title.


  • DONT include anything that could be interpreted as violent, sexually explicit, racist, pornographic, sexist, political, discriminating, religious, or offensive.
  • DONT show individuals consuming alcohol or illicit drugs (as dictated by your local government and legislation).
  • DONT submit work or ideas not created by you. Any pre-existing copyright materials, others’ intellectual property, and/or stock imagery used in your submission should only be used to supplement your ideas and concepts.
  • DONT submit any previously made or finished works—completed works are not eligible for funding.
  • DONT feature any nudity

Inspiration Boards

Key Timings

February 17th

February 31st
Final Submission Deadline

2 Weeks
Selection Period

April 15th
Final Selected Photographer

How will we choose

The judging criteria are based on the following key characteristics.

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